Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety
Caution Sign Request Form
Please complete this form for each of your rooms where hazardous agents are used. Only complete this form if there is no caution sign posted on the door or existing sign that needs to be updated

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Caution Sign Information Postings
Please check the appropriate boxes if you use or store any of the following in the room
*Click on the name of the Posting to view a picture of the posting in a popup window

New Jersey Regulated Hazardous Substance: Room contains one or more Right-To-Know listed materials
Potential Cancer Hazard: Room contains regulated carcinogens and/or Class 1(IARC) carcinogens
Radioactive Material: Room is designated for radioisotope use
Plants: Room contains recombinant plant materials or plant pathogens
Biohazard: Room contains pathogenic organisms, recombinant DNA, other materials regulated at Biosafety Level 1 or 2 (BL-1 or BL-2)
X-Ray Generating Machine: Room contains an operative X-Ray generating machine
Chemical Storage Area: Room is used as a primary chemical storage area
Ultraviolet Light: Room contains an operative UV source other than oridnary room lighting
Laser Light (Visible Beam): Room contains an operative laser with a visible beam
Laser Light (Invisible Beam): Room contains an operative laser with an invisible beam

Indicate any special procedures or precautions