Fire Protection Impairment / Hot Work Request
The University Fire Protection Impairment / Hot Work Request is for authorized individuals only. If you are authorized, utilize your NetID and Password to access the system. To request access, e-mail Although both a Hot Work Permit and Fire Protection System Impairment can be requested from this system, the approval process for each is different.
By submitting a request for a Hot Work Permit, you are agreeing to comply with the University Hot Work Permit Program ( and will immediately update/closeout the permit at the conclusion of the Hot Work. Upon completion of the required information in the system, you can print the Hot Work Permit which must be completed at the job site and posted. If your work requires and impairment of the fire alarm system, you must complete a "Fire Protection Impairment" request.
The University Impairment and Fire Watch Policy is available for review Here.

A Fire Protection Impairment is required anytime activities conducted may result in an unintentional fire protection system activation or when fire protection systems are being modified, inspected or tested. Fire Protection Impairment coordination is required by the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code, National Fire Protection Association and University Policy. Emergency Services has been designated the University Impairment Coordinator by University Policy 30.1.3.

Any new installations, or modifications to existing fire protection systems must have an approved Construction Permit from the University Construction Code Official, or applicable local Construction Code Office if applicable. A Fire Protection Impairment will not be approved if a construction permit is not issued. Upon submission of an impairment request, the requestor will receive an automated e-mail indicating Approval, Approval with conditions or Denial. The review process can take up to five (5) business days.

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