Effective Monday January 31st, 2022, All Indoor Programs and Activities involving minors at Rutgers may resume. Programs must be in full compliance with the protection of minors policies and ensure programs are following the University COVID Guidelines as well as any additional State requirements.

Programs involving minors must be registered at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the program/activity as required by the Rutgers Protection of Minors (POM) Policy. Training and background checks must be completed before the program begins. These policy requirements do not apply to the following exemptions:
  • Matriculated minors enrolled in an undergraduate program
  • Official Summer/Winter Session courses
  • Rutgers University employed minors
  • Events that are open to the public
  • Private events where minors attend with their parent or legal guardian
  • Activities that have been approved by the Institutional Review Board
Any program or activity that believes it should be exempt from this policy must reach out to the Protection of Minors Steering Committee at protectminors@rutgers.edu for review and discussion. If you have any questions, please call Vincent Denota at (848) 932-4914.
NOTE: If you do not have a Net ID and password, please contact pom@ipo.rutgers.edu to obtain an assigned User ID and password to access this database. Please allow two business days for the request to be processed.