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REHS now provides Initial Laboratory Safety, Biosafety, Bloodborne Pathogens/Plants Safety Training session in-person.
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Rutgers Courses
Art Safety -Any faculty or students involved in visual arts or set design and construction
Clinical Health & Safety -Required for all employees working in clinical areas.
IATA Category A -Required for all employees shipping Infectious Substances (Category A) such as HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, or specimens known to contain these agents.
IATA Category B -Required for all employees shipping Dry Ice, Exempt Specimens and Biological Substances (Category B)
Initial Radiation Safety -All employees and students on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses who handle radioactive materials.
Lab Safety -Call REHS to setup session for your group or department where your employees and students work in chemical only laboratories
Lab Safety/Biosafety/BBP -Required for all employees and students who work in laboratories where chemicals, unfixed human materials/cells/tissues, infectious agents, biological toxins, and/or recombinant DNA/synthetic nucleic acids are used.
Laser Safety Training -All students, faculty, and staff who use lasers in the laboratory
Maintenance Safety -All employees who work with or around chemicals (e.g. custodians, maintenance employees, etc.).
Refresher Radiation Safety -All employees and students who handle radioactive materials.
Respirator Training -All students, faculty, and staff who are required to wear respirators
Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences Employees (Legacy UMDNJ)
RBHS Radiation Safety Orientation -All employees and students on the RBHS/Newark campus who handle radioactive materials.
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Upcoming Training Events
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Online Trainings
The following online trainings are accessibile by logging into
  • COVID Health and Safety Awareness for Students
  • GLD / Sealed Source Ownership
  • Online Art Safety Training
  • Online Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher
  • Online BSL3 - Agent Specific Training
  • Online BSL3 - Personnel Suitability Training
  • Online BSL3 - Research Safety Training
  • Online Clinical Health and Safety Training
  • Online IATA Refresher - UN1845 Dry Ice, Exempt Human-Animal Specimens
  • Online IATA Refresher: Exempt Human-Animal Specimen / UN1845-Dry Ice / Materials of Trade
  • Online IATA Refresher: UN1845-Dry Ice / Materials of Trade
  • Online IATA Refresher: UN3373-Biological Substance, Category B / UN3245-Genetically Modified Micro-Organisms (GMMOs) AND Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) / Exempt Human-Animal Specimen / UN1845-Dry Ice / Materials of Trade
  • Online Initial Radiation Safety
  • Online Irradiator Training
  • Online Laboratory Safety Refresher
  • Online Laser Safety
  • Online Materials of Trade
  • Online Plant and Plant-Related Research
  • Online RBHS Irradiator Training
  • Online Respirator-PAPR Training
  • Online Respiratory Protection Training
  • Online SPCC/Class C UST Operator Training
  • Online UBHC RTK-HAZCOM Training
  • Online Viral Vector Training
  • Online X-Ray Training
  • Radiation Refresher Safety
  • RTK HAZCOM for General Employees
  • Rutgers University - Return to Research COVID Health and Safety Awareness