Waste Information Locator
Waste Information Locator
(1) University Group
Academic Laboratory Waste Management
Art Studio and Photographic Waste Management
Athletics Waste Management
Facilities, Housing & Dining Waste Management
Office/Clerical Waste Management
Research Farms/Stations
(2) Waste Category
Maintenance Wastes
Other Wastes
Pesticide Waste
Project Waste
(3) Waste Type
Acidic or caustic cleaners
Adhesives and paint strippers
Automotive batteries (large lead acid batteries)
Contaminated wipes, rags and absorbents.
Latex paints
Motor oil, (and other oils including hydraulic oil and lubricating oil)
Oil filters
Paint thinner, lacquer thinner, solvent cleaners, etc.
Paints and stains and wood preservatives (solvent & oil based)
Parts washer waste (citrus based)
Parts Washer Waste (mineral spirits)

Research Farms/Stations -> Maintenance Wastes -> Automotive batteries (large lead acid batteries)
Waste Classification Management Disposal
Universal Waste Collect in containment tray, label as Universal Waste and maintain in the SAA or secure area. Do not store near flammable materials. Exchange the used battery with the supplier/vendor when purchasing a replacement battery. If exchange is not an option, submit a disposal request to REHS via fax or online at http://halflife.rutgers.edu/forms/hazwaste.php (Batteries being immediately exchanged with supplier/vendor do not require Universal Waste labeling).